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Policy Brief, 12 key priorities for Albania: Where do we stand?
Shtuar me date:2011-10-31 16:08:49

REPORT - 31 october 2011 ( EMA ) - European Movement Albania (EMA) has the pleasure to share with you the policy brief: “12 key priorities for Albania: Where do we stand?” supported by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) and Think Tank Fund of Open Society Foundations (OSF).

The EC Progress Report on Albania 2011 was the incentive to prepare this policy brief, which announced for the second time a negative assessment regarding the readiness of the country to obtain the status of EU candidate country. This assessment does not drop unexpectedly out of a clear blue sky.

Last year the EU Commission published the Opinion on the Albania’s Application for EU membership. In the Analytical Report accompanying the Opinion, the EU Commission scanned the Albanian readiness on meeting the Copenhagen criteria by coming in conclusion that Albania should fulfil the 12 key priorities identified by the EC Opinion, before it receives the green light for the status of EU candidate country and the opening of accession talks.   

In this framework, the policy brief provides a comparative analysis concerning 12 key priorities identified a year ago by EC Opinion in the Analytical Report 2010, and their scale of fulfilment in the Progress Report of 2011.

EMA strives to provide the audience with a strict reflection of factual findings in two EC documents. As it appears from this comparison, Albania has not fully met any of these tasks. The EU Commission assessment wording also applied in this policy brief varies as follows:

“No progress made”

“Insufficient progress”

“Limited progress”

“Partial progress”

“Little/some progress


Please find attached the policy brief: “12 key priorities for Albania: Where do we stand?” in both Albanian and English language.

European Movement in Albania
Rr. Brigada VIII, Godina 1/3, Ap. 9.
Tirana 1001 - Albania
T/F:   +355 4 22 53 184
  E:       info@em-al.org

W:     www.em-al.org


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   Policy Brief: 12 key priorities for Albania: Where do we stand?
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